Launch Your Own Metaverse for Your Community

The Platform for User-created Metaverses & Games with Opportunities to Earn.

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We Won the 14th Slot. Locked $100M USD from 25,634 Stakeholders

The Mothership of User-generated Metaverses

The Continuum

A spot on the Continuum is the portal to your metaverse.


Driven by the community, the topography is only realized through voting (good neighborhood protocol). New potential slots are made available through on-chain logic driven by the number of bit countries, and other platform factors.

An available slot on the Continuum is then auctioned to the highest bidder - awarding the right to occupy the slot with their metaverses.

Overview of Bit.Country Metaverse Network

Build Your Metaverse

The platform allows non-technical users to build their own metaverse. Developers can use our API to develop their games and smart contract dapps. Metaverse.Network is the blockchain network of Bit.Country application framework. NUUM token is the fuel that powering the entire ecosystem.

bc-country metaverse platform

Your Metaverse, Your Kingdom

Launch your own metaverse for your social media group and community without requiring any technical skills.

Engage your members with asset ownership, games & opportunities.

Attract more people to join using the rules and policies you can set by your will. Grow your metaverse and tokenize your community in multiple ways in Web3.


Your Map & Land Blocks

Land blocks make up your metaverse. Land blocks can be subdivided into land units for different owners.

Browse the land on your own map or immerse inside the 3D world.

Land unit is the basic unit of realm for user created game modes.


Economy, Reward & Your Token

Incentivize the people who contribute to your community.

Reward players by play-to-earn games you choose to deploy for your metaverse.

Through network governance, the council can approve and include your own token for your metaverse.


DApps & Games

Our network supports Ethereum-compatible smart contracts, developers can deploy their existing Dapps or build brand new ones for metaverses.

Our Blockchain - Metaverse.Network

Ethereum Compatibility Layer

We enable WASM and Ethereum-compatible smart contract for developers to build dApps and games to run on our network.

Powered by Substrate

Our network is built with Susbtrate with a rich set of primitives that allows developers to make use of powerful, familiar programming idioms. It supports forkless upgrade.


Cross-chain interoperability enables the transfer of any type of NFT asset or token.

Low Gas Fee

Operating on Polkadot NPoS infrastructure allows our network to maximize value-exchange while protecting resources.


Our staking protocol is designed to incentivize good community behavior whilst discouraging bad behavior. This ensures the network stays secure.


A decentralized network governed by NUUM Holders, the stakeholders shape the future of our network and individual metaverses.


Stage 1 - Blockchain & UI Framework

Launch blockchain testnet and UI Framework for public access.
Develop primitive game modes.

Stage 2 - Crowdloan & Parachain

Launch crowdloan campaign and obtain the parachain slot. Go live!

Stage 3 - Early Bit Countries

Develop the very first metaverse Genesis BC(0, 0) and grow the community.
Onboard reputable early adopters around Genesis BC.

Stage 4 - Continuum Protocol

Enable the Continuum Spot Auction and Good Neighborhood Protocol

Stage 5 - Dapp Game Ecosystem

Continuously invest into the developer community for the game-centric dapps ecosystem on the network.

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Our Core Team


  • Raised US $36M from the whitelisted Metaverse Odyssey Event. More info
  • Raised US $4M in first round backed by Hypersphere Ventures, Animoca Brands, DFG and Walsh Wealth Ventures extending our network to 200M fans. More info
  • Participant of Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator (2021 Cohort) at UC Berkeley
  • Participant of Creative Destruction Lab (Bootcamp) of University of Toronto
  • Web3 Foundation Open Grant Recipients
  • R&D Support from Callaghan Innovation in New Zealand
  • Founding member of Metaverse Career Academy (World First of this Kind. Partnering with IMDA). More info
  • Founding member of Substrate Runtime Developer Academy, endorsed by Parity. More info
  • Our Founder and CEO is a serial entrepreneur and also owning multiple million-dollar tech businesses with global user base.